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Emancipation Education


As an accredited provider, Azania Academy works with corporates to assess their skills development needs internally or externally to address their SD snd ESD compliance in the BBB-EE score card.

  • Identifies possible SD and ESD programs in alignment with the ICT Scorecard.
  • Recruit, screen and select SD and ESD beneficiaries on behalf of the client.
  • Facilitates the implementation of SD and ESD programs.
  • Manages internal SD and ESD programs.
  • Manages and funnels the funding of SD and ESD programs.
  • Collation of evidence for client’s B-BBEE rating (SD and ESD elements)
    Reporting of all SD and ESD programs.
  • Planning and projection of SD and ESD.

Corporate Training

MICT SETA for NQF Level 4 & 5
National Certificates Skills Development (SD)

Azania Academy is a Level-1 BBBEE contributor, with Public Beneficiary Organization status, which means we can also issue Section 18A certificates on any financial contribution you would like to claim as Socio-Economic Development (SED) spend.

SETA Rebates and Tax Incentives

Companies that implement Learner-ships also qualify for rebates and incentives, including deductions as per section 12 H of the Income Tax Act as well as Youth Wage Subsidy incentives. Companies with Workplace Skills Programs in place may also apply for Discretionary Grant Funding as well as Mandatory SETA funding.

Why Us?

100% of Socio-Economic Development grants made to
Azania Academy are recognized for the BEE Scorecard

We focuses specifically on recruiting and enrolling
applicants from under-served communities.

90% of our candidates meet the BEE criteria meaning
your SED contributions are safely within the threshold.

A further 5 points can be earned if the Azania Academy
Learners are employed at the end of their Learner-ship.